Happy Valentine’s Day! Grab a Free Romance Ebook!

Happy Valentine's Day

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I’ve been working on a Valentine’s Day story as a special gift to my readers. It’s a good old-fashioned romance that I co-authored with Continue reading


My Valentine’s Day Gift to You…

As most of us know, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I’ve decided to gift my readers with a special Valentine’s Day romance written just for the occasion – and just for you. Please consider it a small thank you for your support so far.

Oh, you want a hint, do you?

Let’s just say it involves a hot guitarist and a girls’ night out and leave it at that until the 14th… 😉

~ JL


My Fans are the Best!

Greetings readers and fellow authors

On Wednesday just passed, I published my latest book, Masked Scent, on Smashwords. I just want to say that the response has been astounding. Each book I’ve published is more popular than the previous. I never imagined my writing would be so well received and I owe all my fans a great debt of gratitude. You are stroking my ego like no one before you ever has… Continue reading